Great photography makes our design lives more fun and has a vast impact on branding.

It’s been said that people trust the things they know. Every time a potential customer sees your brand, it needs to tell a story—one that excites, informs and engages them. The stronger, more consistent your story, the stronger the connection. And the more likely someone will choose you and your products. People trust the things they know. We help you to make sure they know and great photography, capturing the essence of your brand plays a big part in that.

How it works.

Typically, most of our client base doesn’t have a great “library” of corporate photography when we begin working with them. Whether they are providing services or products, professional photography will play a play huge role in promoting these things. At Saga Design, we work with a variety of photographers, carefully selected based on our client material priorities and subject matter. We have access to some of the best commercial, portrait and event photographers in the region and we relish the task of creating an image library that can be used in a wide variety of materials, both printed and electronic.

We hire the photographer, provide direction and input during the shoot and then present your “best” imagery options for your final selection process. It’s a time consuming but rewarding process and some of our best work has been a collaborative effort between Saga, the photographer and you, the client. The shoots may happen at a client location or may be completed at a photography studio. Either way, most creative groups would agree that good photography sells more products, more services, more of everything that makes your business successful. Take a look around you… look hard at those premium brands you consume every day. They know what works and great photography sells more stuff.

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